Julyana Acevedo

Julyana Acevedo

B.S. Molecular Biology, Californian State university, Fullerton (2008)

Ph.D. Molecular Biology, University of Southern California (2015)
Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Matt Michael
Thesis: "Biochemical mechanism for the recruitment of the checkpoint activator TopBP1 to sites of DNA damage"
Moitrayee Bhattacharyya

Moitrayee Bhattacharyya

M.Sc. Chemistry, Jadavpur University, India

Ph.D. Molecular Biophysics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (2012)
Advisor: Prof. Saraswathi Vishveshwara
Thesis: "Probing Ligand Induced Perturbations in Protein Structure Networks: Physico-chemical Insights from MD Simulations and Graph Theory"

HFSP Long Term Fellow (2013 - 2016)
NIH Pathway to Independence Awardee (2017 - )
Yongjian Huang

Yongjian Huang

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China (2007)
M.S. Biology, Tsinghua University, China (2010)

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (2016)
Advisor: Prof. John Kuriyan
Thesis: "Molecular basis for multimerization in the activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor"
Deepti Karandur

Deepti Karandur

B.Sc. Chemistry, Bangalore University (2004)
M.Sc. Bioinformatics, Madras University (2006)

Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (2015)
Advisor: Prof. B. M. Pettitt
Thesis: "Protein Aggregation and Solubility: The Role of Dipolar Interactions"
Yasushi Kondo

Yasushi Kondo

M.Sc. Chemistry, Osaka University (2006)

Ph.D. MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK (2011)
Advisor: Dr. Kiyoshi Nagai
Thesis: "Structural and biochemical studies of U1 and U4/U6 snRNPs"
Chun-Wei Lin

Chun-Wei Lin

B.S. Chemistry, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (2006)
M.S. Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (2008)

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania (2016)
Advisor: Prof. Feng Gai
Thesis: "New Methods to Assess Protein Folding and Conformational Dynamics"

Neel Shah

Neel Shah

B.S. in Chemistry, New York University (2008)

Ph.D. from The Rockefeller University (2013)
Advisor: Prof. Tom W. Muir
Thesis: "Split Inteins: From Mechanistic Studies to Novel Protein Engineering Technologies"

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellow (2014 - 2018)
Subu Subramanian

Subu Subramanian

B.Tech. Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2006)

Ph.D. Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (2017)
Advisor: Dr. Rama Ranganathan
Thesis: “Distinct Functional Phases in Proteins: A test by large-scale protein design.”