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Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STATs)
1. DNA Complex of STAT-1
2. N-terminal Domain of STAT-4

Crystal Structure of a Tyrosine Phosphorylated STAT-1 Dimer Bound to DNA
Cell, Vol. 93, 827-839, May 29, 1998

Xiaomin Chen, Uwe Vinkemeier, Yanxiang Zhao, David Jeruzalmi,
James E. Darnell, Jr. and John Kuriyan

STAT-1 DNA Complex, Pre-release coordinates
Note: Coordinates available here at this web site are for a STAT-1 dimer on an 18pb DNA, generated from one monomer in the asymmetric unit using a crystallographic 2-fold operator.

Coordinates for the STAT-1 DNA complex will also be available from the Protein Databank:
PDB Coordinate file: 1bf5
PDB Structure Factor file: r1bf5sf


Crystals of STAT-1 DNA Complex

(Fig 2A) (Fig 2B)

Other views of STAT-1 DNA Complex

(Fig 3) (Fig 4C)

(Fig 4D) (Fig 5A)

(Fig 5B) (Fig 6)

N-Terminal Domain of STAT-4

Vinkemeier, U., Moarefi, I., Darnell, J. E., Jr., and Kuriyan, J. (1998). Structure of the amino-terminal protein interaction domain of STAT-4.
Science 279, 1048-1052.

Vinkemeier, U., Cohen, S. L., Moarefi, I., Chait, B. T., Kuriyan, J., and Darnell, J. E. J. (1996).
DNA binding of in vitro activated Stat1a, Stat1b and truncated Stat1: interaction between NH2-terminal domains stabilizes binding of two dimers to tandem DNA sites.
EMBO J., 15, 5616-5626.

STAT-4 N-terminal Domain, Pre-release Coordinates